Cast Stonetech™




Standing for true beauty in I Ching, the tome of Chinese wisdom, KA has its own interpretation of contemporary life, which is expressed by its sanitary products. KA has been realizing design dreams with its supreme quality to create exceptional unique experience. Our extensive line of innovative fixtures is not only designed to be superbly functional, but also an elegant expression of our inner human desires to reconnect to nature. Each piece of KA product is an artwork, the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Like the perpetual flow of life, KA unceasingly strives to create new, original ideas that enhance the possibilities of interior design. We see the process of merging human experience with our wider environment as a process of constant innovation, and the range of our products is constantly expanding, just like the medium in which interior design professionals fulfil their dreams. Explore the possibilities of KA with us and take a step closer to realizing the bathroom of your dreams.

KA strongly believes that only products with exceptional quality can bring you the ultimately enjoyable experience. Therefore, with its high-quality products and ability to add aesthetic value to interior spaces as well as intensive functionality, KA creates extraordinarily enjoyable experience that people are eager for, making people feel as if they were in the midst of a verdant forest without any stress and exhaustion but sheer peace of mind, surrounded by the healing energies of the earth. Let peaceful sound of running water soothe your soul and bring you tranquility while enjoying the luxurious stone-like finish of KA product. At such moment, you will have no other desire but to enjoy yourself being embraced by KA’s loving touch! Surprisingly simple yet breathtakingly lovely, KA makes bath times a truly cleansing experience, rejuvenating every cell to the core.

KA User Experience