Cast Stonetech™




Since time immemorial, bathing has provided a deeply personal luxury that both nourished the soul and invigorated the spirit. From East to West, the ambient setting of the bathroom offered the perfect stage for intimate relaxation or even a romantic interlude. With its contemporary elegance, ability to add aesthetic value to interior spaces and extensive functionality, KA's innovative range of Sanitary Ware helps designers realise their dream of reconnecting people with nature while enhancing the quality of modern life.

To the ancient Egyptians, KA represented one of the five everlasting essences of the eternal soul. In Chinese, KA means 'beauty'. According to the Yi Jing, the tome of ancient Chinese wisdom, true beauty is attained when everything in nature is connected to flow smoothly, like a perfectly integrated vision of the universe. Like the wisdom of these ancient civilisations, KA breathes life into the endless possibilities of contemporary living spaces. Its products are crafted with heart and soul, to realise the dreams of architects and interior design professionals.

When we make an emotional connection to a product, its value to us enters a completely dimension – we become attached to it like a friend. Good design must communicate its potential in an intuitive manner, and continue to delight and surprise the people around throughout its existence. Made from advanced Cast Stonetech™, each creation by KA is a long-lasting, durable product. Its luxurious finish is stone-like to the touch, and created with respect and care for the environment, so that KA is minimally impactful to nature.

Use KA as the focal point in your designs, or as a dynamic part of your project.Let KA inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

KA Value Proposition

Brand Essence

Realize design dreams with exceptionally excellent quality to create unique experience.


Each creation by KA is crafted by advanced Cast Stonetech™, an innovative, cutting-edge material with a luxurious stone-like finish. KA's endlessly adaptable styles and flexibility empower professionals to design contemporary bathrooms that reflect high aesthetic values and superior functionality.


KA believes that good design must communicate its potential in an intuitive manner, and continue to delight and surprise the people around throughout its existence


KA keeps excelling its competitive advantage in quality excellence. KA firmly believes that ultimate quality is the element of superior lifestyle. Only quality product can help you realize the design and make your concept last.